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Design Trends

The most essential trend for 2016 and beyond is responsive websites.


Responsive website designs provide the best viewing experience for your visitors.  They are flexible and adjust to any screen size as well as moving from a portrait to a landscape view.

Flat or almost flat designs are back.  Color is the focus and images have less depth to them. This style lends itself very well to smaller screen sizes. 


Bright or retro colors.  These colors look great against many different color backgrounds and work great in creating a unique and memorable design.


Relatively simple and creative images are being used to draw attention to areas of the website.  Again color plays a big roll here. 


Fonts have gone from dull and generic to fonts that make a statement. 

All of these trends make it much easier to impart your brand and give your website personality.

Website Content Trends

Get to the point!


Less is more  

We live in a fast paced world and your readers will not take a lot of time to find what they're looking for.  This is a "we want it now" world and if you don't catch their attention quickly they will just move on to the next option. 

Endless scrolling 

There was a time when you wanted all of your information to be seen above the fold of the screen (no scrolling).  With websites being viewed on smaller devices long scrolling makes it easier to navigate and to tell a story.  This also requires that you make a statement at the top of each page. 


Menus should quickly identify where to find information in your website.  Your website tells a story, think of the menu items as the chapters. 


Don't be afraid to inject some humor (best to keep it PG though).  Humor will leave a lasting impression and give you a personality that will be remembered over competing websites.


Communicate quickly and without ambiguity.  Your reader does not’t want to put a lot of effort into trying to figure out what words mean.  This is not an English class! 

Contact forms 

They should have a minimal number of fields.  People don't like to provide a lot of personal information.  They also don't want to spend an hour trying to get you to communicate with them.

Responsive Website Design & Redesign

website design

We design new websites and if you think your website needs to be spruced up we can do that as well.  If your site is not responsive then it's an easy decision, you need some updating or maybe a whole new site.  Imagine how your customers will feel when they see your new wiz bang site! 

We can have most projects completed in several weeks.

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Additional Platforms

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Content Development & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Great content is essential

The design of your site is the easy part, good content; search engine optimization and digital marketing are the keys to your website's success (or failure). The content you choose will differentiate your brand.   

Where does your business/organization excel as compared to others?  

What do you want your website to achieve?   

  • Increasing sales?  
  • Promoting your organization?  
  • Providing information?    

Whether it's one or all of the above search engines will rank your site in part by the relevance of your content. 

How we can help:

We can help you identify key word and phrases that will help set your website apart from your competitors.


Why pay for professional website maintenance?

Content is the key ingredient to effective websites. Your website should be dynamic in nature. If you want people to visit regularly there must be new and interesting content for them to view.  Search engines also want to see relevant and changing content.  The better job you do with this the better your search results will be.   Most small business owners or administrators for not-for-profits start with the best intentions to do their own site updates. However, it's easy to get busy with other tasks, and doing site updates moves to the bottom of the list. You made the investment in your site, why not get the highest return on your investment? 


Most website hosting companies require you to choose from a number of prepackaged plans and in most instances you purchase more than you need.  In order to provide as much value as possible we custom create a package that fits your needs and charge you appropriately.  We will then monitor your sites traffic and disc space. We will contact you periodically to review your plan. 

Let us do the mundane stuff while you attend to your business. 

domainsDomain Names

We'll find you one and manage it for you.

Getting Started


Saving time and money is always a good thing!

By having as much of the following information available ahead of time we will be able to complete your project faster. Of course we can certainly help you along the way. 

Have your domain already chosen

Have your domain already chosen.  Be sure to pick a domain name that adequately represents your organization.  It might be a good idea to have several options in mind, an available domain name can be difficult to find. It should be as simple as possible and easy to remember. Lean domain search is a good resource for this.


  • Who is your competition?
  • How are you different?
  • What value can you provide that they can't or don't?

Look at other websites

  • What do you like?
  • What do you dislike?
  • Are there features that you must have?


Know you target audience!

Have some draft content ready.  Content is the most important part of your website.  Great content will help with search engine results and provide a compelling reason for your visitors to take the action you want.  Content can even help with decisions about design. 


Have a couple of color combinations in mind.  Color Lovers and Adobe Color can help you with this.  Be sure to note the color or palette name identification number for future reference. 


If you don't have professionally shot images you will need to purchase stock images.  Dreamstime is a great place to start.  Create a light box (folder) or note the image number.  There are thousands of images and the ones you like will be nearly impossible to find again without a reference number.  The advantage of a light box is you will be able quickly save and compare the images you’re interested in. 


Your typography and fonts should represent the brand you are trying to develop and help to draw attention to important information. can help you with this. Most fonts can be downloaded and used for free!

Let us help you!